S2O SONGKRAN MUSIC FESTIVAL 日本初上陸!The festival made its first splash into Japan this year!
#S2OJAPAN #S2OJapan2018 #平成最後の夏 

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FULL CAMERA GEAR KIT: https://kit.com/TOKYObrah
ALL MUSIC FROM: “Goblins From Mars”:


  1. fuck yes, never been so hyped for a vid!

  2. 動画ありがとうございます!是非、会場の雰囲気は僕の動画で!

  3. boin boing

  4. Great bodies but damn they got some narly teeth.

  5. so cute, so sweet, very lovable girls

  6. Love your channel brah!

  7. 巨乳多くね?

  8. Epic!!!

  9. 703乳輪

  10. i enjoy ur videos, brah.

  11. やりてー

  12. Hahahaahh freaking awsome! Lmao at the girls that couldn’t catch the sunscreen. Also I think the donna thema thing does well only when they’re wearing costumes brah :DD

  13. 絶対来てると思った

  14. 0:33 É brasil porra!!

  15. 3:29 No you arent. Because of you. You had to wear a red top than it would be okay 😉 and no, you are obviously no german if you dont know the flag 😀

  16. japan got some Thic chicks

  17. I think that TOKYObrah has chance at the girls he filmed at EDC Japan 2018. There were super friendly towards him and they probably would give him a chance since they met him before.

  18. oh man! great as always!! you must be so hyped to record these each time there is an event in Tokyo 😉

  19. How did you learn Japanese?

  20. 0:22

  21. I Love S2O Japan

  22. 0:54