Tokyo night drive 4K 新宿 渋谷 2018 Aug 9
Cam : Panasonic DMC-GH4
1. Imagine / New Horizons
2. Fallen Leaves / Markus Hakala
3. First Kiss / Markus Hakala
4. Hope Springs Eternal / Terry Gaters


  1. Wonderful drive accompanied by some uplifting tunes while navigating the Route 6/C1 to Route 3/C1 across Tokyo city landscape, riding in tunnels that lead to lit skyscrapers (which some are under construction judging by the (very) tall cranes on top of some!). For japanese classic cars lovers, you can spot a grey Mazda RX7 (SA 12) pulling away into the distance. Glad to see a big chunk of local taxi companies are still using the Toyota Crown or Nissan Laurel/Cedric (in diesel trim no doubt) as their primary cars because of their unparalleled reliability and plushy comfort. After a (pit?) stop, the drive concludes by exiting the C1 to Shibuya district. All in all, a very welcomed video for starting Saturday AM (California local time). Thank you for that post!

  2. Great driving ,and great music. Thank You Arigato. It’s nice to see Japan from Youtube.

  3. この時間帯に投稿してくれて嬉しいです

  4. bonjour, Merci pour cette video! Je trouve que la qualité video est meilleure avec la caméra SONY FDR-X1000V que vous avez utilisé dans des précédentes videos.

    Hello, Thank you for this video! I find that the video quality is better with the SONY FDR-X1000V camera that you used in previous videos.

    こんにちは、このビデオをありがとう! 私は、以前のビデオで使用したSONY FDR-X1000Vカメラを使用すると、ビデオ品質が向上することがわかりました。

  5. Finally you are back! Thank you so much for sharing these vids. best wishes from Germany.

  6. Fantastic job! It’s just me or Nishi Shinjuku looks more animated than usually?

  7. sick video and tunes

  8. Love this videos, I wonder how often you go for a ride like this one and film it. Keep ‘em coming!

  9. Brazil accompanied since 2015

  10. 9:01 stupid Benz

  11. 凄い落ち着きます。 アップロードお疲れ様です。

  12. 毎回、BGMのチョイスに感動しています。