Not a vlog, no intrusive faces or talking, pure Japan only.
I found some news about Kitazawa Hachiman festival and went there to look what is it about. Also usually I came to Shimokitazawa only for AwaOdori when it’s very crowded, so this time I could walk around without crowds.

Map (purple)
Time 09/02 around 5:30pm

Filmed in UltraHD 4K 60p with Lumix GH5 camera, 8-18 f2.8-4 lens, Beholder EC1 stabilizer and Audio-Technica AT9946CM mic.
Feel free to correct my English or suggest a video to film.


  1. Hi Rambalac, I just want you to know how much I love your videos. Although I have not been to Japan, I feel like like I’m there thanks to your wonderful videos. I just love them. Thank you sir.

  2. This is what i need ❤

  3. В этом месте я в конце сентября тоже прогуляюсь

  4. So much too, so much to do, so much to eat. AWESOME!

  5. *Genuine Festival*

  6. こんにちは 若いころ繫々と下北沢のライブハウスに溜まったり・・懐かしい 今はより洗練された高級住宅かな
    夕暮れ時からの撮影で街の風情が和みます 黄昏から夜の帳が落ちた閑静な住宅地 余計なBGMもなくいつも通りの街歩き 

  7. This is the neighborhood I lived in for 2 weeks while I was in Japan. It’s a very comfy neighborhood

  8. Much better in 4K…worth a second viewing! I gotta say that I’m getting more impressed with that GH5 every video. Here we had a vid of over an hour without a single glitch and obviously not over heating.

  9. Wonderful tour, feels like I’m there, thank you… 😉

  10. I’m grateful you’re not in Hokkaido.

  11. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This is now my favourite YouTube channel. Wonderful content.

  12. Your videos are amazing! I’d love to see Miyajima through your eyes! (or camera lens, actually)

  13. Espero que todo este bien por el terremoto que paso en Japón y espero que todos estén bien y les deseo lo mejor.posdata: Un terremoto nunca vencerá a la Tierra del Sol Naciente

  14. Один из моих любимих каналов

  15. Very beautiful video. Thanks so much for your uploads, I am really enjoying every one of them.

  16. NICE VID…It is so lively place.

  17. Another great video! Thanks from UK 🙂


  18. Jisus im rrly gratefull to you, its just such a great way to start the day for me, at least helps a lot for the OCD that i seem to have, and rlly motivates my view in japan

  19. BMW e21 @8:30 !

  20. Excellent image rendering quality. Very immersive walk!!

  21. Terimakasi Rambalac…

  22. thanks for the video man you made my day

  23. i like this festival. OK!

  24. Wow, wonderful Japan Streets,
    Nice morning in India ✌
    Ram いやすみなし✌

  25. Beautiful. I love to go there ❤

  26. Have you recorded Okinawa, Japan? I’d love to see places there. ty