Halloween in japan’s insane! it was crazy to see everyone celebrate all over Tokyo, especially Shibuya!
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JERHELL – Thousand Island (Prod.PrettyboyRon)

JERHELL – Forgotten (Prod. Rainn) https://soundcloud.com/jerell-ware/forgotten-prod-rainn

JERHELL: bitch please pt. 2 /you can’t kill me (prod. SuecoTheChild) https://soundcloud.com/jerell-ware/bitch-please-pt-2-you-cant-kill-me

JERHELL – Near Death Experience(Prod. SuecoTheChild) https://soundcloud.com/jerell-ware/near-death-experience-prod-suecothechild

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  1. I’m in a party but I gotta watch this

  2. Always love the videos watch them as soon as I get the notification!!! Keep up the amazing work!!❤️

  3. I need *mora* of these videos

  4. Here before:
    Takuya is fluent
    IDENTITY is out
    The collab with vans (ima cop and saving up a ton of money just incase there pricey)
    ERASED is sold in stores
    Luis Mora hits 1M
    And Takuya goes a day without rolling his ankle
    And JERHELL making it big

  5. 日本のハロウィンはまじでごみ

  6. Luis have you seen the movie mid 90s

  7. 日本の恥

  8. man im too broke to afford ereased stuff but at least his videos are free lmao

  9. Hi hi i took picture with u.

  10. Less than 1 month away from Identity

  11. ハロウィン狂ってる

  12. 2:58 takuya in his mind
    “wtf is this guy saying”

  13. 4:12 I know it’s No Nut November, but DAMN

  14. 9:34 I love when trucks make that sound on rails and give that weird feeling

  15. Jerhell music the best!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. its no nut november man, and you post this video?

  17. This just looks like one big banger of a holiday

  18. Luis “Meccha Yume” Mora

  19. 0:45 dude is dressed up as Logan Paul wtf

  20. In Tokyo maybe I could meet you I went for Halloween to see my family it’s awesome

  21. This vid actually wants me to go to Tokyo on Halloween

  22. 今回の動画bgmめっちゃ良い。

  23. Every video you make with Takuya, make a 30 segment of “Learning English with Takuya!” Takuya is great.

  24. Oh Shoot thats so spooky my dudes

  25. 軽トラ倒して何が楽しいん?爆笑

  26. im going to Tokyo next month :)))))

  27. Latterly commenting so that more people can have the chance to watch ur videos…loving it for the last 2 years no jokesss:)))

  28. JERHELL’s music and your content goes so well together.