Tokyo Ramen Guide – Top 5 Shinjuku Ramen Shops that you must-try if you come to Tokyo Japan. This Japanese Food Guide will visit 5 unique Ramen Shops in Shinjuku Tokyo. The 5 Shinjuku ramen shops we visit are Mensho San Francisco, Hosenka, Misoya Hachiro Shoten, Oreno Sora and Manrai. Each Ramen Shop in Shinjuku has its special ramen, whether it be miso ramen, shoyu ramen, tonkutsu ramen… and one of these is a Michelin star Ramen Shop in Tokyo. Some may consider these shops the best ramen in tokyo shinjuku and some maybe even the best ramen in japan.

5. Michelin star restaurant, Mensho San Francisco was originally opened in SF by Japanese Chef Tomoharu Shono, and was later reverse-imported to Tokyo. It’s hidden away on the 7th floor of Myload (mirodo) which is directly connected to the south exit of JR Shinjuku station. The shop presents a stylish cafe like interior attracting a larger female audience when compared to most ramen shops.

So I threw down on their A5 Black-hair wagyu beef shoyu ramen. The beef on top is from Kagoshima, silky smooth and extremely tender. The soup was made from Beef Genkotsu and Bonito flakes, creating a strong yet light flavor. Delicately placed on top of the beef, you can see a soy sauce powder, yuzu, and garlic.

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Hosenka is the second ramen shop produced by the owners Hayashida Ramen, which is another popular ramen shop in Shinjuku.

Misoya Hachiro Shoten is under the famous Ramen shop group, Nantsuttei which is famously known for its creamy tonkotsu broth soup. So without missing any flavorful notes, Misoya Hachiro Shoten’s also implements a creamy tonkotsu broth but in the miso variety. The shop uses special blend of miso from Hokkaido to create its own special richness.

Oreno Sora is a well-known ramen shop in Takadanobaba and this is their second shop. As for their menu, you can choose from 3 types – Kake buta soba, Tsuke buta soba, and Ae buta soba. This is Kake buta soba, literally translated to poured pork noodle, which is their regular standard ramen.

Manrai has been in business since 1961. I love the chic interior, reminds me of nice soba shop. It looks new but that’s because they moved location a few years back.

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0:54 – #5 Mensho San Francisco

4:35 – #4 Hosenka

8:14 – #3 Misoya Hachiro Shoten

11:32 – #2 Oreno Sora

13:59 – #1 Manrai

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